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Yelled at the top of your lungs when an ugly female/male is spotted. As in YOURS not MINE.
"dude that chick is YOURS!"
by Teapotlid May 29, 2009
A drink made of Cream soda, codeine, and jolly ranchers.
Makes you high and slow feeling. Like a turtle.
Dude 1: I'm like a turtle when I sip da purple.
Dude 2: Right onn
by Teapotlid June 01, 2009
A term for someone who is unpopular and UGLY. Someone or a group of people who you wouldnt want to assosiate yourself with. Usually are greasy nasty creepy .
"Ew, Look at the yucks over there"
"Dont talk to him! Hes a yuck!"
by Teapotlid May 29, 2009

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