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Something that looks like you'd never eat it unless on a diet. It does not mean god or godess; that one's spelled deity.
This two-raw-carrots-on-unbuttered-rye-bread dinner looks diety as hell. Let's order a really greasy pizza instead.
by TeaRex May 24, 2009
Swiss national football (soccer) team. Pronounced like Nazi but the only thing they have in common with Nazis is that they tend to lose a lot.
Swiss guys singing at 2006 World Cup: Schwyzer Nati... Schwyzer Nati...
Non-Swiss guys: WTF? Why are they praising the Nazis??
by tearex April 22, 2008
A guy who failed to kick out a bunch of hot enough girls that offered sex to him. In other words, a guy who did what most men would do if ever given the chance. If he was white and this was France or Brazil, he'd be admired for being Manly Man No. 1 and the only thing people would be sorry for would be the fact that he got caught and that he offered a damn whiny apology to anybody else than his wife. But since this is the US and he's black and his wife is white, this is somehow so extremely despicable and uppity and nigger-needs-to-know-his-place.
Look there goes Tiger Woods. Since Our Holiness wouldn't even think of screwing those girls when they came up and asked for it, let's throw the first stone.
by TeaRex April 03, 2010
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