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4 definitions by Tcoll

Used by the native peoples on the reserve. They refer to everyone as their brothers becasue they belive that everyone is a brother from another mother. Usually used on freindly terms.
"You aint no Brother"
"Fuck you brohter"
"Hey there brother hows it going"
"Were all brothers"
by Tcoll April 05, 2005
21 3
A really strong person who could beat the shit out of you.
"Dude Taylors a wrecker!"
by Tcoll April 05, 2005
18 8
To express how sweet something is. A phrase that sweet people use and tend to add a wicked ring to it.
-"What you doing"
-"So nice"
by Tcoll April 05, 2005
11 0
When a male have consumed alcholhol and his penis seams smaller than it realyl is wehn it is erect due to the flow of blood.
"You hav ea small penis"
-"No thats wickey dick for u!"
by Tcoll April 05, 2005
9 17