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The hottest camwhore this side of the intraweb.
I fapped to Teen Kelly 15 times in the last 12 minutes!
by Tchaiz February 23, 2004
The God of New England. CHOWDAH!
Wross lives in Mass. and he eats food for energy.
by Tchaiz February 22, 2004
1. Money sent at no charge
2. Various body hair and skin samples
1. Woo! Free money!
2. Sean got 15 lbs of free money in the mail!
by Tchaiz February 23, 2004
The only good emo band ever. They also happen to rock. Their his song is "I'll be more than I am".
If I were a chick, I'd be the mother of Erik from WeekendOutlook's babies!
by Tchaiz February 22, 2004

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