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A medieval style of helmet with a light flick on the tail at the back. Predominately used by foot soldiers, as its visor came down with a slit over the eyes, giving a minimal amount of visibility, but making it harder to be stabbed or slashed in the face. Useless in Joust, although some did risk it...
The Soldier raised the visor on his Sallet, and faced his Captain.
by Taz June 02, 2004
another word for a bitch... normally used by pimps.
yo get the hell over her and swab on this diack bidiach!!!!!!!!
by TAZ January 16, 2005
A tabard or thin jacket, designed to show a medieval unit's colours in battle. Used to recognise enemy/friendly troops. Would often show the unit Lord/noble's colours.
Liveries would be worn commonly by foot soldiers or Billmen, as they wore padded jacks. Men at arms and knights have been known to wear them, although the armour was often too bulky and would shred the material.

Also the act of hiring out stables to general public.
see above
by Taz June 02, 2004
Item of clothing worn on the medieval battlefields. Comprises 42 layers of wool and linen, soaked in either vinegar, salt water, wine or urine to make them stiff and tough to break through. Often either tied or buckled at the front, hence the modern word "jacket". Mostly foot soldiers and Billmen would wear them, as they were the poorer ranks and would not neccessarily own plate armour.
See above
by Taz June 02, 2004
If anyone knows the correct spelling to this, let me know!

A medieval battle command for Billmen and pikemen. Involves lowering the Bill or pike from the right shoulder, to hold it out in front of you, pointing the metal pikes/bill points at the enemy. Normally issued just before two units come together to fight, but can be issued in advance.
See above
by Taz June 02, 2004
The power to turn your oppeninte into a baby. MK2 used the end of rock a bye baby, mk3- mkt trilogy used a baby cry when the person is turned into a baby.
by taz November 08, 2003
a game where you hold your "reefer" smoke in your lungs till the joint gets back to you.
lets do chicago with this "j"
by Taz February 25, 2004

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