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Having the female grab her ankles without bending her knees. Then give her a diet coke soon as the soda gets in her ass shove in a couple of mentos. The outcoming spray is the fountain of youth.
My girl blasted the wall from the fountain of youth I gave her.
#fountain-of-youth #diet coke enema #mentos blaster #coke shower #ass blaster
by 69eater July 24, 2009
Upon finding a girl with a tracheotomy, you proceed to make love to the hole in her throat. Right when you're about to close the deal, get balls deep so your helmet protrudes out of her mouth. Then finish out of her mouth and revel at how much it looks like a fountain.
Colton: So i was bar hopping the other night, found this chick with a trache, got her piss drunk and did the fountain of youth.

Tom: (Sits there in stunned silence)

Colton: I know, awesome right?
#fountain of youth #tracheotomy #sick #immortal #throat #balls #reserve deep throat
by SIIS Balls January 28, 2010
Mystic water that has the abilities to make whoever drinks it or bathes in it younger.
old man into young man. Young man into kid. Kid into baby
by taz May 04, 2004
A pedophile's meat.
Creepapotamus: "Have a sip from the Fountain of Youth, baby."
#pedophile #penis #dick #priest #politician
by John, A Goat from Space November 04, 2011
in the act of a threesome when a man lays down and jacks off while two women make out right above his dick. When the time "cums", it will shoot upward and hit both of them while they make out.
Greg: Dude, I had my first threesome last night. It was sick.

Joe: Nice man, I'm proud. How'd you finish?

Greg: Did a fountain of youth.

Joe: Word.
#fountain #of #youth #threesome #good #time
by bread&butter August 19, 2011
A very chilidish act performed when someone is in the restroom and turns on all the sinks then runs away thinking if he stayed he would get in trouble.
(Freshman turns on all sinks then runs)
Freshman: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! I'm going to get away with it."
Senior 1: "Wow, what an idiot. He thinks he's cool.
Senior 2: "I know, I stopped thinking the Fountain of Youth gag stopped being funny in 7th grade."
#fountain #youth #water #sink #bathroom #restroom
by Giggity!!! August 21, 2009
The act of "squirting" on your partner for enjoyment. AKA Money Shot. Fountain for a geyser and youth because, well...thats where babies come from.
"I stood right over him and worked my clit until I gave him a huge fountain of youth.
#cum #money shot #facial #squirting #clit #vagina
by TheZenMaster October 12, 2012
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