19 definitions by Tay

a fine boy or something nice
girl look at him he a thank ya
by tay March 03, 2004
when u so damn stupid u dont kno wut ur talkin about or wut ur doin b/c ur so full os alcohol.
i was so damn drunk i was tellin him to 'fu*k me fu*k me fu*k me'.
by tay September 10, 2003
crombie is actually the new fetch.. gosh no one gets the memo...crombie means cool.. its like the extremeity of COOL....
ex: kevin is SO crombie
the definitions on here are waaaay not crombie
by Tay April 16, 2005
To Suck the semen out of a womans anus orally...
After he came in her ass he hoovered it right out... (past tense)
by TAY March 02, 2004
Shrimping see Hoover... add a straw you have shrimping
After Mcdonalds the happy couple went home for some hot shrimping...
by TAY March 02, 2004

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