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19 definitions by Tay

DownTown Jayl is a band that consists of three girls from three different states. This band will most likely only play together once, but will rock the mic like a zebra.
"Golly gee wiz! Downtown Jayl is so awesome! I want to give them money!"
by tay March 06, 2005
The almighty and powerful kingdom of all great and magical beings. Home to mainly muses, nymphs, and centaurs. "Ligh" originates from "Light".
I live in the Realm of Ligh.
by Tay March 23, 2005
This is a GM from City of Heroes. This GM caused the death of many players due to his unexcusable lack of courtesy for their desire to defeat the Hamidon without dying. This is the nastiest of MMO GMs.
GM Hamidon did like that I was exploring the other side of the map while fighting the Hamidon in City of Heroes.
by Tay April 05, 2005
a bong used to smoke methamphetamine, produces enourmous amounts of smoke for an extreme rush...
i hit the crong once and was spun out for 16 hours...
by TAY April 27, 2005
much like an asshole..but modifyed, take it as you want it to be...
Grum is an ass diggit...the end.
by Tay March 30, 2003
are you goin dt? chya!
by tay January 21, 2003
1) A word created in Florida for totally hot, cute, sexy, dorky, guy all in one. Also could be a stoner, surfer or skater

2) A spanish word for smoking
Omgosh Rachel did you snap a picture of that fumar... look FUMAR ALERT!
by Tay April 11, 2004