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A saying when someone makes an idiodic remark or statement. Also used to greet one another.
Dani walks into Pozsar's Gymnastics. As Trina is running she greets dani by saying, "DAH!!!"
by TAV February 19, 2005
A smart, intelligent, beautiful girl, who although has mad potential does not see it in herself. She loves people, and people love her. Popularity is an easy achievement for a Shallin. She is kinda short. A Shallin can basically talk to any guy with no problem, and has a soft spot for people who have great taste in music, clothing, and all around epic views. A Shallin has aspirations such as becoming a musician, studio artist, photographer, or all of the above. Shallin's can become very jealous, very easily. She is very good at giving hugs, and being a sexy beast. Having a Shallin in your life makes you probably the coolest person alive.
"Do you see the fine lady over there?"

"No, what does She look like?"

"The one who's short, has silky dark hair, and looks all around amazing."

"Oh! yeah! She's probably a total Shallin.
by Tav October 12, 2012
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