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Prime example of 'man candy'
decribes the most attractive of all males
as close to perfection as it gets
The beautifully sculpted efin caught everyone girls attention as he glided through the room with impecable grace.
by Tasha and Kelly December 01, 2007
Mouth-watering hottie, total heart-breaker, perfect definition of luscious! Extreme stud.
She nearly tripped herself as the elegant manana with a glistening smile crossed her path. He seemed to glow radiantly all over.
by Tasha and Kelly December 01, 2007
Fairly attractive guy that could use some work but is definitely worth a second glance.
The girls swooned over the quirky nanish cutie who smirked at their silly amusement. His slighlty awkward yet appealing manner made them smile.
by Tasha and Kelly December 01, 2007
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