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4 definitions by Tarheel82

the progressive band whose technical proficiency on their instruments cannot be topped by any other rock group
Most people cannot comprehend how incredible the music of Dream Theater is compared to average popular rock crap.
by Tarheel82 September 04, 2004
868 180
n. someone who opposes police brutality
A bunch of upset African-American antirodneykingizationalists avidly rioted in the streets of Los Angeles.
by Tarheel82 September 04, 2004
7 3
the act of 2 or more lions helping each other
Watch the lion king and take a biology class and you will know more about simbaosis.
by Tarheel82 September 04, 2004
4 2
someone or something that has been sued or went bankrupt to the extent that it is more screwed over than the U.S.A. after Bush got his hands on the economy.
2 of the best examples of M. C. Enrons are M. C. Hammer and Enron, of which the term was derived from.
by Tarheel82 September 04, 2004
3 6