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Slang for the little town of Waitara. Found on the 39th parallel in Taranaki, New Zealand. Derived from double-U and tee given that Waitara starts with a double-U and the second half of the word starts with tee. Hence Dub-T.
We are off to Dub-T.

See you in Dub-T.

I was in Dub-T the other day.
#waitara #new zealand #39 #slang #taranaki #little town
by Taradise May 22, 2006
A humming bear is when one gives a blow job to a very hairy individual.
Hey, Suzy...do I have any hairs in my teeth? I just gave Bob a humming bear. He's a real life Sasquatch down there.
#blow jobs #hummers #big foot #flossing #hairy #beasts
by taradise September 01, 2014
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