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1- A pussy that is festering with all sorts of nasty STD's and dripping with cum. It is the kind of musky crevice that can only be found between the legs of a (street-walker). It may also be used to describe a woman who, after years in the sex trade or general harlotry, is unfit for a more respectable moniker. See also (cum slop)
Hey, you kids on foot, those girls you got with you are some reaaalllll garbage pussy.

Hey buddy, I just picked up a couple of chicks, and they are some real garbage pussy, hop in the car becuase I need a wing man.

by Taquesia Blackdigk July 01, 2006
To ejaculate massive ammounts of semen into a vagina or anus. This practice can only be accomplished in the absence of condoms or any other contraceptive that prevents the exchange of fluids. A vagina that has been habitually been topped off runs the risk of becomming garbage pussy.
Bend over whore, Im gonna top off your gas tank with pure, unadulterated eastern Kentucky baby slime.

I love nothing more than topping off gas tanks.

Condoms? I would never take a shower in a raincoat, why would I wear condoms? I am going to top off your gas tank.

I am going to top off your gas tank, and then I will be in you forever.
by Taquesia Blackdigk September 26, 2006

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