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An asshole on Tactics Arena Online that thinks he's god, yet everyone hates him. Especially some members in his own clan.
Hey look, there's Alphaecho, the asshole. He's probably going to brag about how tough he is, and then yell at random people for stupid reasons since he has nothing better to do
by TAO February 10, 2004
A slang term for the word bitches.
I just pink sock'd those stank biohatches.
by Tao March 20, 2004
noun: (bush) a shrub
verb: (bush-whack)to whack
adverb: (bushly) to take to immoral and illegal limits
adjective: (bushism)to be dismissive of all moral judgments.
I am not a bush.
I can bush-whack with the best of 'em.
I bushly attack your country.
Your bushism tactics are unconstitutional.
by Tao August 15, 2004
Another pathetic TAO player, just like Alphaecho. Goes around calling people names since he has no real friends. Has the IQ of an angry chipmunk.
Therapizt sucks. He thinks he's so tough, but that's only because he has 2 scouts. Otherwise, he's just a stuckup - doublegold noob.
by TAO February 10, 2004
1) A pathetic clan on TAO that wants to become no. 1, but is to powerhungry to do so. Picks on noobs all the time since they fear that people will find out that they really do suck.

2) Is also a clan that gives free gold accounts since Haldavid is rich.
1) Geez, not again. Looks like the Slayers Guild is here. That clan sucks so much. Can't the just leave us all alone?

2) Join SG. get a double gold account. Lose all your respect.
by TAO February 10, 2004

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