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slang for a womans vagina,with 1-2 days worth of stubble, nonetheless a tasty treat.

"Damn my face is raw today, I was eatin a bitch out and her whisker biscuit tore the shit out of my face."
by Tank178 October 06, 2005
a whisker biscuit with a helping of vaginal nastiness such as yeast infection, or any other variety of crotch rot
She fucks so many guys she has to have a whisker biscuit with cheese.

I found out the hard way that Holly has a whisker biscuit with cheese-- I fuckin hate cheese!
by Tank178 October 06, 2005
The Iraqi Gas Mask is a slight variation of the Arabian Eye Goggles. When applying the Iraqi Gas Mask, the initiator places his sack on the recipient's eyes, and then places the ass crack/ taint on the recipient's nose. The anus is then firmly placed on the recipient's mouth, forming a nice, airtight seal. Once the seal is formed, a heft blast of ass gas should be released into the mouth of the gas mask wearer. The Iraqi Gas Mask is a complex maneuver which is not for the faint of heart and requires stealth, skill, and daring.
I was gettin' my freak on with this fine piece of trailer trash last night and gave her the trusty Arabian Eye Goggles when she licked my sack. When she least expected it, I put the Iraqi Gas Mask on her! Much to my surprise, the little freak loved it when I let out a burrito supreme fart right into her mouth!
by Tank178 January 09, 2010
Usually an early to mid 80's American made vehicle (ie; 1984 Chevy Monte Carlo). Said vehicle is characterized by small, wide wheels that stick out from the fenders. 13 inch rims are most common. The taco rocket is not complete without some or all of the following accessories: Immitation hood scoop (not painted of course) rivited to the hood, multiple fake antennas, carpeted dash board, dingle balls mounted to front top of windshield, CD attached to rearview mirror, crappy do-it-yourself window tint, various decals, including the Virgin Mary, Jesus or the occasional bull. More often than not, the Taco Rocket is a piece of shit, where as the tires/rims are worth more than the entire car. It is not unheard of for a "esse" to buy the tires/rims first, then a car to put them on. There is a variation to the normal Taco Rocket where the car has an elaborate paint job, although the color scheme leaves something to desire such as lime green and copper. In recent years the Taco Rocket phenominum has spread to import cars.
Person A: Goddamn that is one ugly fuckin Taco Rocket!!
Person B: What the fuck was that Vato thinking when he did the paint job!?

Examples of more recent Taco Rockets:
a 1999 Pontiac Firebird Trans-AM WS-6 with hydraulics
a Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 slammed, riding on 13 inch, super wide tires
by Tank178 October 30, 2005
Common condition affecting married women.
Scientists have proven that a combination of diamond/gold wedding rings and wedding cake lead to your once attractive girlfriend (Now wife) getting Fat On The Couch. This woman who once took care of herself and made efforts to dress sexy and wear make-up, now rarely moves her fat ass off the couch. This condition is triggered by the chemical interaction of the wedding rings and cake and leads to the woman feeling secure knowing she can let her body go to hell because if her husband divorces her, she gets half his stuff.
My buddy's ex-wife got fat on the couch less than a year after they got married. He got tired of screwing a fat slob so got himself a hottie on the side. He kicked the fat bitch to the curb, but she took half his stuff.
by Tank178 November 07, 2005

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