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An onomatoepaic word to describe the noise that is made when someone eats with their mouth open.
To snobble:
Mother to child at the dinner table 'Stop snobbling and eat with your mouth closed!'
by Tania K October 06, 2005
Random comments or conversations which don't follow any particular grammatical rules.
Similar to talking bollox
'You're obviously talking a load of codshite - have you got any more of that wooden shoe wire I can borrow?'
by Tania K September 13, 2005
A person who is a bit kookie and whacky or not quite firing on all synapses. Is not meant to be derogatory in nature but as an affectionate observation.

"Has anyone seen my medulla oblongata lying? I can't find it since I put it in the tumble dryer to dry out"
by Tania K October 02, 2005
Burble - to talk random codshite/inanities/word puns and associations
After the club we all went back to Creampie's @ Sec22 HQ n burbled bollox
by Tania K September 13, 2005
An insult which is combination of fucker n retard.
You really are a stupid fucktard!
by Tania K September 29, 2005
An onomatoepaic word to describe the sound that is made when you suck the last of a drink up through a straw.
To zoodle:

Mother to her child 'stop zoodling - the drink is all gone!'
by Tania K October 06, 2005

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