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1 definition by TanStallion

An acronym for "Little Guju Chick." Evolutionarily, a distant cousin of the hoodrat.

However, Gujarati heritage is not a requirement; the phrase came under usage b/c of the prevalence of Gujarati women in the tri-state area who encompassed the characteristics.

2 of the following features need to be met: a height under 5'2, dark-skinned, colored hair, colored contacts.

Additional prevalent findings: Animal print clothing, "cockblocking" if she's not receiving attention, increased abdominal circumferences seen through tight clothing (usually due to excessive naan/roti/taco bell consumption).
"I can't believe her LGC friend was cockblockin'!!"

"Yo don't let them LGCs run up on you tonight when you f*cked up...you can't see them sometimes since they so dark and short."

"F*ck you guys, I was so horny, I just took that LGC home. She gave me the best f*ckin head though. I'm gettin shivers just thinkin' bout it."
by TanStallion June 14, 2011
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