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Gang-ridden city, where the thugs outnumber cops by 10 to 1. For every cop, there are 35 gang members. LA is the city where if the cops won't shoot you dead, the gangs will. Turf wars, gang murders, killings, rapes, murders, carjackings galore. It will take the National Guard to crush the gangs there.
Yo, this dude got hit up with an AK for wearing red.
by Tampa Bay May 14, 2005
A poor excuse for a state capital. The capital should have been moved to Orlando, but because Springtime Tallahassee was so big, won the right to be FL's capital city. Jacksonville is our largest city, what sense does that make?
Inept state and local government, who would rather be concerned with protecting the environment than luring good-paying jobs and recreational activities here.
by Tampa Bay May 14, 2005
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