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A town small enough to call it a hole, big enough to call it a CDP. (Census Designated Place)

Anyways, Gainesville also known as Gaynesville is a underated city in Alachula County, Florida which is a ant pile compared to Tallahassee. There biggest building is the hospital other than a run down 10 story hotel reserved from the 20's which has vampires and roaches running the floors. Gainesville being so small and run down, all they have in the city to use as there defense if their low team "The Florida Gators" with the All Time Low quarterback Tim Tebow. He thinks hes cool but hes not. All the houses in Gainesville are one story tall with maybe a attack for the Gainesville Roaches to hang out. People in Gainesville are inbred racist rednecks who hang around the local swamp and wait for a gator to move so they can get a picture and be like

Man One:

"ooooh I got a picture of a gator! I got to post this on my twitter!"

Man Two:
"Whats a twitter?"

Man One:
"I don't know, I heard one of those nole fans talking about it, Tallahasseeans got class!"

Man Two:
"You got that right, Billy Jean!"
Tallahassee Resident:
"Wanna take I-75 to go to Tampa?"

Tallahassee Resident #2:
"Sure, let me suit up our SUV to keep the Ghettos And Rednecks out of our car for when we go thru Gainesville!"
by Tallahizzle January 01, 2010

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