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when two guys are naked and stand too close to each other or run into each other and their penises touch it is known as a penis shake. sometimes resulting in a dongknot.
after the big game, the guys hit the showers. tom carelessly walked into ben and gave him a penis shake.
by TallPeniz February 04, 2009
if two guys stood really close to each other naked and tied their penises in a knot, you would have a dongknot.
tom accidentally stood too close to ben and they formed a dongknot.
by TallPeniz February 04, 2009
two guys standing questionably close to each other. further amplified if they are naked, typically happening in gym locker rooms. in reference to their dongs tied in a knot.
ben's standing so close to tom, they're practically kneading a meat pretzel.
by TallPeniz February 04, 2009
the act of taking a piece of meat and pressing it against someone elses' bare skin. can carry a sexual connotation, but can also be talking about raw meat.
tom meat stamped ben's face while he was sleeping.
by TallPeniz September 29, 2010
when two guys slap their penises together, intentionally or unintentionally. usually occurs in tight, naked places such as a locker room
tom and ben turned around at the same time in the locker room and accidentally gave each other a low five.
by TallPeniz April 05, 2011

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