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Slang term for sexual intercourse; can also refer to anal intercourse, specifically.

Origin: Motion picture "Old School," as per Vince Vaughn's chatacter in an alternate locker room scene that was left on the cutting room floor.
"...now he's crushing ass at every frat mixer..."
by talking goat June 23, 2003
a rickshaw; Chinese transportation device drawn by human power. Many modern day cars known by the slang term "rice burner" can also be referenced by this term.
"If that friggin' douchebag keeps driving his silly little asswagon up and down this street at 100mph,I swear to god, I'm gonna fucking shoot'em!"
by talking goat June 23, 2003
The act of two persons of the same sex mugging down. Usually much cooler when two females are involved.
Damn! Did you see Stephanie and Jenn queering-off at that party last night?!
by Talking Goat June 20, 2003
a marijuana joint
We got in the Bug and smoked a fly hoojay.
by talking goat June 20, 2003
The act of stretching one's scrotum/nutsack over a bitch's mouth; the effect is reminiscent of the inflation of a bullfrog's throat-bubble-thingy. Nooch.
Jesus dude, you should have seen that slut's face when I bullfrogged her!
by talking goat June 20, 2003
Phenomenon occuring during anal sex, when the penis is partially retracted from anus quickly, slightly drawing out the purple-hued interior wall of from the sphincter, creating a sock-like effect around the penis, e.g. a "purple sock" pulled over the penis.
"Buddy, I was crushin' ass on this bitch so hard... I was totally pulling out the purple sock."
by talking goat June 23, 2003
Caucasian def. Close friends; a common greeting to a friend.
Black def. Your niggas; a common greeting to one of your niggas.
Caucasian usage "Hey brougham, what's the good word?"
Black usage "Yo brougham, raise the fuck up off my Kool-Aid!"
by Talking Goat June 20, 2003

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