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The upper west side is if not the BEST place to resid in NYC!!! It is beautiful, has beautiful people, and yes..i admit they are extremly rich or nuavo rich..but hey it is full of rich families. Just because you live there does not mean you are snobby. I attend a prep school, live in a penthouse suite with my own doorman on the UWS- and i am not snobby at all. I am a prep, and a true preppy isn't snobby. We are just unapproached and that is a common miscoseption about preppies..
The upper west side is one of the best places you'll ever go in your life! It roxz and if you can afford to live there you should, ITS the BEST part of the whole of Manhattan , actually in NYC..Come visit us!
by Talan May 11, 2006

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