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A translation for a common Hebrew expression meaning - We'll meet later, whatever it is you want is not that important for now, you're giving me a headache at the moment, in short - later! later!
(Origianly - "Ochorey Ze").
"I'll meet up with you behind it"
#behind it #later #not now #ochorey ze #tommorow
by Tala October 11, 2005
to give someone a handjob
i was playing the weird cello last night when my favorite song came on
by tala November 24, 2003
A good begining to a work week (Sunday in Israel Monday otherwise) one must go to a nice pub after the working day with some friends for the first pint of the week. TO ARNOLD is this habbit of first-week-pinting and which makes the work week much shorter and lovlier (and in some cases blurier and shakier).
Its that time of the week again? Arnolding at 22:00?
#arnold #beer #work #arnolding #pint
by Tala October 16, 2005
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