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5 definitions by Tak-a-lah

1: Blue Heaven.

2: The final civilized region Roland's Ka-Tet journeys through on their way to the Dark Tower.

3: The location of the final battle of the Dark Tower series.
The Breakers are located at Algul Siento. We must stop them to save the beam.
by Tak-a-lah April 23, 2005
24 4
When a female posesses a buttock that invokes feelings which transcend natural arousal and segue into an unusual sort of hunger.
1: Damn, Jeff, she has got herself one delicious ass.

2: Yeah, I tossed Amy's salad last night. She was definitely a delicious ass.
by Tak-a-lah April 23, 2005
28 16
A female of the human species that invokes a strong and sudden desire to lick every square inch of her body.
1: Check it out, dude! Your mom is totally tonguetastic!

2: Rebecca may be the town bicycle, but damn if she isn't tonguetastic.
by Tak-a-lah April 23, 2005
5 1
See synonym "delicious ass" for detail.
Mmmm. Jessica's got one tasty ass.
by Tak-a-lah April 23, 2005
4 8
What adorned the anterior chest space on such poor souls as Robert Paulson.
His name was Bob. Bob had bitchtits.
by Tak-a-lah April 23, 2005
39 100