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Any easy way to hide from coworkers and make them think you're working.
Joe sent an email that he is WFH again today! He's got that three day weekend technique down solid!
by Tajador January 30, 2008
Three words used to quickly end a discussion in the Common Area.
Chris: Why don't you just lick my ass!
DK: (without looking up from his laptop) Can't, no salt
by Tajador February 05, 2008
A pure form of loosely controlled energy that science cannot fully explain. Its sound is often mistaken as some form of wild jungle creature by the SAP department. Cacti are like kryptonite to it.
When Vialand is in the common area, you can be assured something crazy will happen at least once during the day.

"Man it's boring in the common area today, where is Vialand?"
Vialand --- "Jager bombs....jager bombs...."
by Tajador February 20, 2008
Fuck the Corporate World Beeyoch!
With a starbucks on every corner, I say FtCWB and go to the independent coffee joint.
by Tajador September 28, 2008
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