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A move by Ness in Smash bro's the video game, he performes a attacking move im which a lightning bolt comes out of his hand and hits the other player stun locking them while burning them
Ness "PK FIREE!!"
Other player "ouch"
by Tadman October 15, 2012
Just another way of saying i dont care, similar to i dont give 2 shits!

Note - "Shit" must be said with much more emphasis than other words

Invented by tourrets guy (youtube)
Guy1 "who drank my Mountain Dew!?!"
Guy2 "I dont give a dead moose's last SHITT!
by Tadman October 15, 2012
Another name for captain falcon
Man the falconator is OP!
by Tadman October 15, 2012
Someone who plays forza religiously over and over
He is such a forzorian, always playing that game!
by Tadman October 15, 2012
She is the definition of it.
Emily is a stunning girl.
by TADMAN September 18, 2008

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