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Clearly the governments way of telling every citizen that they have the right to a pair of bear arms, whether artificial, or through surgical implants.

"Dude check out that guys bear arms, they are so second amendment"
by TaDongle May 27, 2008
A Queef produced by the mythical sand people a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away.
Obi wan "We must move quickly, for sand people scare easily but will soon be back and will sand queef in greater numbers."
by TaDongle May 27, 2008
Similar to a "meat vest" Meat parka refers to an individual who is fatter than fat, and therefore looks as though he/she is wearing a parka fashioned from meat.
"Damn look at that meat parka!"
Also see "Meat Vest"
by TaDongle May 27, 2008
Slang used to define a particularly plump individual.
"Damn look at that meat vest over there"
Also see "meat Parka"
by TaDongle May 27, 2008
Steve Irwin + Sting Ray = Dead. (Note: Actual proven scientific fact.)
steve irwin is effing dead.
by TaDongle May 27, 2008
Jesus Christ's real first name.
Thus, it is substituted into phrases of a heretical nature.
Dongle H Christ!
Dongle on a cracker!
by TaDongle May 27, 2008
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