57 definitions by TY

Verb: moving at a high speed
"man that guy is blippin"
by Ty August 25, 2004
the way one feels sexulally aroused when they see their love.
oh my gosh sheila i felt so klorai around ty!
by Ty July 29, 2003
To raw dog 2 or more persons at the same time.
He totally jointbreach rawdogged both of those hoes
by ty September 17, 2004
from the phrase "blowing chunks" or "the blowing of the chunks"

Also known as vomiting or throwing up
That fool got so drizzy he blewdachizzy all over the bathroom.
by Ty April 12, 2004
a Baby Blue
I love my Baby Blue
by Ty February 24, 2004
That which is a shame.
"Bob, I got genital warts"
by Ty March 13, 2003
Definition: let's get this party goin'!
"hey joe"
"yeah bob?"
"i got da hook ups wit sum dank."
"Bring it around town!"
by Ty March 13, 2003

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