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57 definitions by TY

I didnt even know the meaning of them or that they meant anything to do with sex. my girlfriend gave me a black one and a orange one and told me to wear them i didnt think much of it and put it on. then after reading this i know how she meant it as in the sex way. i find it kinda funny people think by tearing it off your going to get what it "means" she tore my black one off and...
my girl *snap* haha theres your black one you owe me something
me: " what's it mean"
my girl: " sex"
me: haha
~ i will add i didn't have sex with her people need to chill out and take a joke its not like teens aren't hearing about sex or anything any other way look whats on tv now.. i mean come on lets kids be kids
by ty August 30, 2004
A straight man who exudes masculinity, virility, and strength, but expresses it not through crass behavior but rather through a desire to provide for his family, or community. He often will work with hands, and have physical attributes such as facial hair, and a muscular physique. These characteristics are not as highly refined as a metrosexual however. The musculature of a machosexual is likely to not be as defined, or obtained strictly for appearances. The facial hair of a machosexual will also be less controlled.
Vince Vaugn's character in the movie "The Breakup" is a classic machosexual.

The New York Fire Department is full of machosexuals.
by Ty June 19, 2006
Shmian- A 15 year old from Cali who is obsessed with GD and likes realy stupid names like Dirk.... he is a mexican whigger who is emo on the inside....
Anne:HI IAN!!!
Ty: No, not Ian, Shmian!!!
by Ty April 19, 2005
see mish, 2nd definition
Wow, that hottie is the poopsy!
by Ty October 17, 2004
a pleasureable way of haveing sex
i have great woopy with my wife
by Ty February 21, 2003
That which is a shame.
"Hey, Bob, I got genital warts."
by Ty March 13, 2003
An implied requirement, that is not specifically required.
It is a desirement to takeoff in under 2000 feet.
by Ty June 03, 2004