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Another word for achievements when talking about Xbox 360. Used normally for when talking about getting achievements or when talking about some douchebag achievement whore who takes all their time trying to get "achodements".
TREYL0: "Dood, all he does on 360 is try to get achodements"
HUCKSTER 1: "Yea i know, what a doosh."

'Achievement Unlocked'
TREYL0:"d00d! Achodement Unlocked!"
by TREYL0 August 24, 2007
An incorrect way to spell douche. Idiots spell it like this cause they are retarded and cant spell. or it is used because it just looks better. As in dood for dude. it helps when trying to extend the length of douche.
TREYL0:"dude that kid is such a doosh!"

by TREYL0 August 24, 2007

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