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The act of receiving an early evening, over-the-pants handjob from another man which results in accidental ejaculation inside the pants.

The receiving party then attends several additional evening events with their consort, awkwardly enduring the sensation of drying semen inside their pants while simultaneously finding the company of the hand-jobber to be sub par.
Matt's night was not going well. After being Dalrympled in the 4runner, he was getting really fed up with Gus's company at the bowling alley.
by TRAIL BOSS December 14, 2013
A Pubic Awesome is the act of orally pleasuring a vendor after they provide a particularly spectacular service. Due to the gusto with which a Pubic Awesome is performed, there can be collateral damage in the form of dental contact with the groin region, often leading to pubic hair and genital warts being caught in the teeth. At the completion of the act, the grin of the customer will generally be bristling with the fruits of their labor.
Vendor: So what do you think of your motorcycle tune?

Happy customer: God damn that's one peppy R6! I think I'm gonna have to leave more than a 15% gratuity! *glaaaaaarghhghghghghahgahghgahgahhRRR!*

(Surprisingly Hirsute) Vendor: *Sigh* Another happy customer, another Pubic Awesome. I'm pretty glad I don't manscape!

Happy Customer: Might you have a floss-pick?
by TRAIL BOSS October 15, 2012

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