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One who engages in sexual relations with a sub or sandwich.
Jon: Did you hear about that kid Logan, he masturbated using a hoagie.

Steve: That kid is a hoagie fucker.
by TProds July 02, 2010
One of east coast's biggest hard ass's and street fighter. He is a YouTube star known for an extremely pissy attitude and horrible fighting skills. Along his path of greatness he has taken down many legends including: Hoagie Fucker, Pubeless Porta, and countless others. He is becoming increasingly popular with his film career within Temptation Productions. Himself, along with the help of those working with Temptation Productions, have created an internet sensation of beatdowns, spoofs, and hilarious video and film. He is also co-owner of Gay Money Records, along with his twin brother, Gay Moula, and an up and coming rap star. He has been referred to by others as "The Worst Rapper Alive".
Steve: Have you seen the latest J-MONEYBEATDOWN on YouTube?

Logan: Yea, J-Money's videos are the best thing I have ever seen in my life!
by TProds July 07, 2010
The twin brother of J-Money. He is part owner of Gay Money Records, along with J-Money. He is identical looking to J-Money except for a large mustache. He was captured by Hogan Leutenberger and held for ransom.
J-Money and his brother, Gay Moula, just signed a new artist to their record label.
by TProds July 02, 2010
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