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6 definitions by TPJ

Spanish-alien-german pronunciation of "cortizone"

cortizone. to relieve itching.
Hey, you, quattathszone!
by TPJ March 18, 2005
Comes from a combination of Beavis and Butthead, with a mix of the band Bush.

like words:
Jon: Halo 2 comes out tomorrow!
Tyler: SHETH!
by TPJ March 10, 2005
Comes from Pecker, meaning Penis
"Dude, you are a peggar-head."

"My peggar is as hard as a rock"
by TPJ March 10, 2005
Meaning a huge penis.
Hey baby, check out my huge shlaushage!
by TPJ March 13, 2005
Fixing to...
Getting ready to...
"Yo dog - me and JD are fit'in to roll."
by TPJ June 07, 2003
Slurred word for excuse me.

excuse me. means to excuse.
HEY, ehhthskoothi orrrr something.
by TPJ March 18, 2005