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Noun - 1. a democrat and/or anyone who votes for a democrat.
2. a person who refuses to see/accept the truth.
3. a liberal.
4. a person motivated by hatred, elitism, and ignorance. (see definition numbers 1, 2, and 3.)
4. anyone who is stupid enough to think that Bill Clinton was a good President.
5. any of the Hollywood elite who believe that being an actor/actress makes them an authority on any subject.
6. a person who believes in Global Warming.
Ted Kennedy . . . what an Uber-Fool!
Bill Clinton . . . what an Uber-Fool!
Harry Reid . . . what an Uber-Fool!
Anyone who voted for Al Gore . . . what Uber-Fools!
Anyone who voted for John "the liar" Kerry . . . what Uber-Fools!
Tom Cruise . . . what an Uber-Fool!
by TP3 October 08, 2005
a democrat. From the Latin "Tardicus Maximus".
Those tards in Washington are destroying this country.
by TP3 September 11, 2005
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