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liquid(s) from "down there" - can be smegma, stool, urine, sweat, the wet spot, etc.
Our kids refused to get into our bed for fear of bottom slobber.
by TMoneyID December 17, 2011
More upscale version of douche bag or satchel de douche
Oui, oui that Francois is a real satchelle de douche
by TMoneyID January 30, 2011
When one's urine stream is divided/diverted in > 1 direction.
The challenge is to recognize it quickly & get the majority if not all of the urine in the toilet bowl. Piss shivers have the same effect.
Whoa, in the middle of the night I had a wicked case of the splits & peed all over the floor, wall & toilet.
by TMoneyID April 05, 2010
Old world craftsman technique in which prison inmates "forge" blades or "shivs" from scavenged bits of styrofoam heated & folded into a base from which a blade can be fashioned
Javon is the master of Damascus styrofoam in gen pop
by TMoneyID January 26, 2013
When cankles does not capture the extent of stovepipe legs - clankles (combining calf, leg ankles).
Whoa man check Denise's clankles!
by TMoneyID November 06, 2011
Upscale version of douche bag
Whoa that Gary is a real satchel de douche
by TMoneyID January 30, 2011
"Burgers" from one's ass i.e. feces. Another play on Asperger's
Man: Vince has a bad case of Assburgers.
Woman: You mean the syndrome similar to autism?
Man: No, he clogged our toilet!
by TMoneyID December 30, 2010

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