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A condition where, at the peak of a big yawn, one suffers a few seconds of deafness due to the opening and closing of the eustachian tubes connecting the ear and throat. Opportunists who know of another's yawn deafness use this condition to say something to the person yawning that they don't want them to hear - usually an insult, but spoken under breath or in a normal conversational tone. Better practice is to do it with friends present who will all hear what you said. A sizeable yawn can open up a good 5 seconds of deafness opportunity.

NOTE: Not everyone suffers yawn deafness, so there is always a risk when you try it on someone new.
Ken: Man ... that was a hard day's work (starts yawning)

Fred: I came twice in your wife's arse last night.

Ken: (finishes yawning) Sorry - yawn deafness ... what was that?

Fred: Nothing ... I was just agreeing with you. Hard day indeed.

by TMA-1 December 14, 2008
Simply put - a tampon.

Name given due to a tampon's striking familiarity with the bullet shape.
Wife: "Honey, can you get me some vagina bullets while you're down the store? And please don't get super-sized ones in a vain attempt to make the checkout chick think you have a huge cock."

Husband: (awkward silence)
by TMA-1 March 03, 2009
A unit of measure used by Apple to assist in determining the relase date & price of their products. It describes the almost fanatical reverence that Apple followers have towards their iProducts - to the point that even if said product is faulty or over-priced, they'll still love it, cherish it, tell all their friends about it, and walk around holding it in a clearly visible fashion in order to obtain that instant iFan street-cred.
Apple Developer 1: Dude, you get that BlueTooth functionality working yet for this weeks iPhone milestone? We're only weeks away from release date...

Apple Developer 2: Nah man, shit's more messed up than AppleTV. No chance I'll fix it in time.

Apple Developer 1: Right ... well ... spose it doesn't matter anyway - iHype factor alone will mean we sell millions of these babies.
by TMA-1 May 14, 2009
When somebody attempts to make the 'loser' sign 'L' with their thumb & forefinger held against their forehead, only they use their left hand instead of their right, thus forming more of a 'J' than a 'L'. Substituting the 'J' with the 'L' this person then becomes the 'joser'.
Johnny: "Hey everyone, look at Phil! He's such a loser!" (tries to make the 'L' loser sign using wrong hand)

Phil: "Johnny ... you're such a friggin joser man."
by TMA-1 April 08, 2009
Online Display of Emotion

When someone updates their Social Media page with exactly how they're feeling emotionally at that point in time.

Usually reserved for feminine types who want to tell the world of their love, hopes, despair etc. For some, it's an annoying byproduct of social media that you have to put up with. But many people live off it and give a heartfelt comment in reply.
Joe: it's KILLING me not to be able to come see you. literally feel my heart breaking as i type this.

Sarah: Feeling vry lonly, wish my man was here for cuddles (heart).

Jude: Why can't I get everything I want? Life can be so cruel :(

Ken: FML these crowded buses make me angry!!!

Barry: Damn ... I hate reading all these ODE's.
by TMA-1 April 12, 2010
A geeky way of telling someone you are going to severely harm them, to the point they will likely cease to exist.

Spawned from the re-imaged "Battlestar Galactica" TV show - where a human-form cylon (of which there can be multiple copies) has their manufacturing line 'boxed' when they outlive their usefulness, or develop abnormal tendancies counter to their machine origins. This prevents cylon resurrection of that particular model.
Joe: "Please stop doing that, you complete fracking moron, or I'm going to totally box your line."


Gangsta Jay: "Yo why you all up in my grill bitch?? You best quit that shit ... I'm gonna come down there and box your line fool!"
by TMA-1 March 03, 2009
Short for 'cunt recondition' or 'cunt reconstruction'.

A phrase used, more often by those of lower socioeconomic status, to describe the process a woman goes through after a childbirth which results in severe vaginal tearing.
Sharon: "That kid there was trouble to squeeze out I tell ya. Tore me up so bad I ended up with a vagasshole. Had to have a full cunt reco to fix it!"
by TMA-1 March 12, 2009

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