3 definitions by THUGMONEY

A school that homo deluxes from Tabor think they destrory in sports. When in fact the only thing they destroy is each others anal cavities.
Tabor Student 1: oh dude you packed my fudge so hard last night

Tabor Student 2: Word that new strapon I bought was incredible (because I dont have a dick)
by THUGMONEY April 14, 2005
When a man has a rather plump girlfriend and he takes the excess skin from her stomach and raps it around his spam dagger and procedes to fuck the roll of fat as if it where a pussy
Yo Jamie was totally roll fucking that bitch with the thunder thighs last night.
by THUGMONEY April 19, 2005
Guttie aka Remix aka Weasel
Splinter always combs over his greasy hair with his paw
by THUGMONEY April 13, 2005

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