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When a guy has really lady like fingers he is said to have bitch fingers, implying that he is either a fag who moisturises or hasn't done a day's work in his life. Bitch fingers are common among piano players (but not compulsory).
Oh my god Nige! You have got such bitch fingers!
Get your bitch fingers outa there!
by Thor! September 19, 2005
Like a diet, a buyiet is when one restrains from buying things for the purposes of limiting one's estate.
"I have too much stuff and I'm always buying more, I'd better go on a buyiet."
by THOR! November 30, 2012
A thief who is also of homosexual orientation. Commonly used by northern irish people, especially groundskeepers.
That ballroot just lightfingered me!
If i ever catch that ballroot i'll pummel 'im!
by Thor! September 06, 2005

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