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Side effect of marijuana. After you smoke weed, you feel really hungry
Dude, I got the munchies, lets go to Hot Dog Heaven - from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
by THEUNKNOWNperson July 11, 2008
act of inuslting
2.the dozens
word heard from pilot episode of Welcome Back Kotter
chopting examples:
up your nose with a rubber hose
off my case toilet face
in your socks with a pound of locks
in your ear with a can of beer

by THEUNKNOWNperson December 24, 2008
Substitute for the word "shit" like dammit or fudgicles
I made it up its the new slang word
holy shnitzelpix!!!

oh my shnitzelpix
by THEUNKNOWNperson July 01, 2008

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