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The face you make when your trying to chuck a big shit out. Or when your constipated.

That guys has a toilet face when he is dancing. Its so funny.
by Randy Principio January 22, 2007
When you shout "toiletface!" at a friend who's not paying attention, the resulting image is their "toiletface" i.e. the face they make when they're severely constipated/have explosive diarrhea/or are just passing a pleasant pooh.
Went to a party, tripped out, shouted "toiletface", took photos, "LAAFED"
by Randy Warhol December 09, 2007
When a chick is so nasty looking her face looks like a good place to take a shit and make an improvement
It was almost bar close so I picked up a toilet face to bring home for a slump buster
by dickfitswelljr October 29, 2010
toilet=potty=pot, face=head.

Dude, you're such a toiletface.
by b18ch1ck November 05, 2006

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