3 definitions by THE Mooma

Some one who is very small, not necassarily a child, just a small person. Generally used by people bigger than them.

Sometimes used as a title to some of these smaller people:
'Awwwww you're so cute, you little munchkin'
'Awwwww you're a munchkin and a half' (normally referred to a slightly taller munchkin/short person, therefore adding half a munchkin)

'You're the Munchkin of YAY!'
by THE Mooma February 25, 2004
A word used to describe something, great, fantastic, superb, wonderful and so on and so on...

Used to make sound of explosion or crash:
'Yeaaah i did it, SHABLAMO!'
'ANNND SHABLAMO! Wait....that was my car...going into a wall...crap'
by THE Mooma February 25, 2004
A cross breed between a cow 'Moo' and a marmot 'Ma' therefore creating a Mooma.

Can also be used as an insult:
'You Moo...Ma'
by THE Mooma February 25, 2004

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