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2 definitions by TGORSK

The Greek god of easily accessible, well organized, and extremely plagiarizable information.
To ensure that that would be plenty of clearly written, yet easily plagiarized, material, Tyler knew the importance of praying to Wikipedius before starting his research paper.
by TGORSK August 26, 2011
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A large herd of roaming freshman typically found on a college campus. There is usually an alpha-male present, i.e. one member of the pack who has connections to elder members of the campus, thus allowing the frosh pack to drink at the elder's watering hole.
A frosh pack, although usually docile, may become more aggressive as the night goes on and the drinks go down. As a result, approach with great caution and never look the alpha-male straight in the eye.
by TGORSK August 30, 2011
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