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And bacon; with bacon; or bacon
I would like some eggs quirdiffle for breakfast.
by Telos March 10, 2005
The first open Liscense gaming system.

Yet another gaming system that held great potential but was ruined by over priced books , Unthought out rules, and market whoring.
Have you see the new d20 version of Cuthlullu
by Telos March 02, 2004
A term used to discribe a mix of three factors in the fileshare community. It is a mix of your share, your bandwidth and the hardware on which your share is located. The higher the numbers the larger your e-penis.
"I Have 600GB on my Alienware and am connected to a T3. My e-penis is huge"

"I share 2GB on my 10 year old HP and am still on dialup. Any one got a tweezers for my e-penis?"
by TELOS January 22, 2004

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