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3 definitions by TELOS

And bacon; with bacon; or bacon
I would like some eggs quirdiffle for breakfast.
by Telos March 10, 2005
5 3
The first open Liscense gaming system.

Yet another gaming system that held great potential but was ruined by over priced books , Unthought out rules, and market whoring.
Have you see the new d20 version of Cuthlullu
by Telos March 02, 2004
38 51
A term used to discribe a mix of three factors in the fileshare community. It is a mix of your share, your bandwidth and the hardware on which your share is located. The higher the numbers the larger your e-penis.
"I Have 600GB on my Alienware and am connected to a T3. My e-penis is huge"

"I share 2GB on my 10 year old HP and am still on dialup. Any one got a tweezers for my e-penis?"
by TELOS January 22, 2004
91 137