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Term used to describe one or more lesbians - the phonetic spelling of "d'ed out", short for "dyked out".
"Dude, those two chicks are totally deed out."

by tdw December 26, 2008
A lesbian, esp. a lesbian that is not obviously a lesbian. Short form of "deed out", from the phonetic spelling of "d'ed out", short for "dyked out".
Dude, stop hitting on that chick - can't you tell she's a deed?
by tdw May 05, 2013
"To The Victor Go The Spoils" - a resigned, and yet at the same time respectful, concession on the part of average looking and/or middle income and/or unknown (especially all three) guys, that good looking and/or rich and/or famous (especially all three) guys always have gotten, and always will get, pussy for miles, the quality and quantity of which they can only dream of.
Scotty: So Ryan Reynolds broke up with Scarlett Johansson and got together with Blake Lively.
Johnny: Oh, well. TTVGTS.
by tdw April 15, 2013
Quality Time (with the) Girl Friend. What a boyfriend needs to put in when he's been neglecting his girlfriend. In classic cases, QTGF is pathetically preemptive and perfunctory on the part of a particularly pussy whipped pal.
"Dudeman, let's hang out tonight."
"Dudeman, I can't - I've got to put in some serious QTGF or I'll be in the doghouse."
"Dudeman, you suck."
by tdw May 05, 2013
Any disgusting whitish substance that gradually accretes at an office as a consequence of an unhygienic person working there for way too long.
Fuck - my coworker borrowed my phone and now it's slathered in mzungu.
by tdw December 23, 2008

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