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Polite euphemism for anal sex, just crying out to be written into an updated Carry On film based around DIY enthusiasts.
Jack Douglas : "I'll be finished as soon as I've knocked her back door in and put me extension up"
Sid James : "Hwar har har!"
by TC Raymond July 21, 2005
Excrement, usually used to describe a film that is less than top-notch.
"The Blair Witch Project was bogpog"
by TC Raymond July 21, 2005
One who disrupts with the miniscule brain activity of a chav by asking them a simple question, usually entailing basic arithmetic or anything taught outside of kindergarten. Or, indeed, their date of birth or the identity of their biological father.
"That teacher's a twister innit"
by TC Raymond May 23, 2005
Northern English slang for meat pie, particularly in Wigan.
"Fanceh some baby's head and peas, luv?"
by TC Raymond July 21, 2005
1980s British Midlands slang for lower-class undereducated teenagers and twenty-something 'men' sporting mullets, wispy moustaches, cardigans, Fred Perry shirts, stay-pressed trousers, white socks and slip-on shoes, plus sovereign rings and a pack of John Player Special cigarettes held nonchalantly in the tattooed hand. An embryonic chav.
"Went to the Ritzy last night and it was full of fucking yampies"
by TC Raymond July 21, 2005
Supposedly a porn film featuring bestiality, but little more than an urban myth circulating endlessly amongst braindead chav schoolboys all over England since the 1980s.
"Seen nat film Animal Farm, then, where a bloke fucks a chicken, like?"
"No I haven't you sad janner twat, it doesn't exist."
by TC Raymond July 21, 2005

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