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The epitome of douchbaggery. Brings random "women" to your room while you are trying to study for your chem exam. Dick move.
Roommate: Dude I just brought home sara! Oh, we're gonna be chillin in the living room watching a movie on YOUR tv. So don't bother us.
Me: Fuck you and your douchebaggery.
by T3hMasterChief August 28, 2009
In a first person shooter, the act of spawning in a strategic position which allows you to pwn uber nubbage. Although no one can control where they spawn, hackspawning is often a strategic advantage for the team who is lucky enough to do so. It is often favored to hackspawn close to the enemy's flag, KOTH position, etc.
d000d!!11 I was totally hackspawning on some nubs yesterday! I sp4wn3d like 3 feet from their flag! ZOMG!!!11 HACKSPAWN!!!!
by T3hMasterChief March 04, 2009
In a first person shooter, the act of spawning in a location which is on the opposite side of the map from all the enemy players. Often looked down upon because one has to traverse all the way to the other side of the map in order to pwn uber nubbage.

Antonym: Hackspawn
d00d!!11 I was pwn1ng nubs in CTF in halo 3 and I scrubspawned! we lost so i am pissed!! SCRUBSPAWN!!!
by T3hMasterChief March 04, 2009
On online games, mostly first person shooters, a backup account that a person has to practice the particular game without risking the stats on their legit account.
Person 1: d00d. ur only a level 24. get good nub.
Person 2: This is just my scrub account. I have all level 50s on my legit account, nub!
by T3hMasterChief March 04, 2009

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