4 definitions by T.iara

Older term refering to something being "cool", bold, or blunt abour what they say and/or do.
You've got spunk kid!

Man, she's got spunk.

I wish I had spunk.
by T.iara September 09, 2010
Over and out.

Can be used at the end of a status.
Had a bad day today. Going on a date later though. OAO
by T.iara September 08, 2010
A female that is attractive and dresses well.
Yo, she is bad!

Im looking for a gf that's bad.
by T.iara May 17, 2011
The sense you feel when first meeting or being with a person.
You have a good ora!

I want to be around people who are positive with good oras.
by T.iara September 09, 2010

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