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1. The art or practice of being a dumbfuck.
2. The state or condition of being a dumbfuck.
Beverly's dumbfuckery knows no bounds.
by T. Strange May 29, 2003
Short for "mega-retarded", indicating a level of retardation above and beyond all instances previously encountered by the speaker.
"Jesus, you're more m'tarded than I thought!"
by T. Strange July 03, 2003
An ironic exclamation used to express a complete lack of interest and/or enthusiasm.

Similar to, though more subtle than, "Who gives a fuck?"
Paul: "Rob Schneider's got a new movie coming out!"
Beverly: "Oh, really? Whoop-dee-shit!"
by T. Strange May 29, 2003
A pejorative of limited usage, only having impact when used unintentionally, typically by the intoxicated.
See also dumbfuck, dumbfuckery.
After she stumbled out of her bedroom this morning, Beverly called me a "fuckdumb" and went back to sleep.
by T. Strange May 29, 2003
The penis, from the Yiddish.
Correct spelling of shwatz.
Beverly nearly saw my schwatz when I lost my grip on my towel.
by T. Strange May 30, 2003

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