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When you're on a park swing, and the sir is really cold, and you're swinging, then you jump off and a second after your feet hit the ground, they hurt like burning hell.
"AHHHHHH!!!!! Major swing sting!!!!!!!"
by T-T-T-Tia May 25, 2007
being very flabby or something of the sort.
having flabby fat on your body, jiggling in some way.
"WOW! Did you see Graham jiggle his leg in english today?!"

"I know, it was Flabtastic!"
by T-T-T-Tia May 25, 2007
My good old pal's definition of camoflauge.
"hey, we should all wear army pants and flip flops tomorrow"

"I don't have army pants"

"I know, me neither, but it's fun to joke about"
by T-T-T-Tia May 25, 2007
1.Going all weird and cutting your bangs too short and dying your hair, then dyeing your hair ONCE MORE, to try and make it look better.
2.Going to the nurse's office for no reason, saying that you twisted your wrist or something along the lines of that.
3.Having a cold-pack fetish.
"did you see jana? she totally pulled a hoye today in gym, she just didn't want to play softball!"

"are you pulling a hoye? your hair looks really different..."
by T-T-T-Tia May 25, 2007

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