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The place, referred to in Genesis as a garden, where human history began during the Week of Creation. God made Adam and placed him in Eden. God then created Eve there, so that she and Adam could complement and accompany each other.

From these two parents, the entire human race is descended. After the rebellion of Adam and Eve, they were evicted from Eden. During the Great Flood in 2304 BC, Eden was destroyed along with all the other geographic features of the antediluvian world.

A good argument could be made that the ruins of Eden lie buried deep in the Earth's crust beneath the modern city of Jerusalem, but in fact no person alive today knows for sure.
After Adam and Eve were kicked out of Eden, its gates were guarded by an angel with a fiery sword.
by T-Ro May 13, 2006
Relatives. Can refer to just parents or entire immediate family; sometimes even to extended family. Most commonly heard in the Southern and Midwestern heartland of the U.S.
So are your folks coming over for Easter, or are you gonna go visit them?
by T-Ro April 16, 2006
A kick-ass song by Led Zeppelin that famously starts off with the lyrics "Hey, hey, mama, said the way you move // Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove!" sung in acappella by Robert Plant, just before Pagey and Bonzo kick it into high gear with the lead guitar and drums, respectively.

The song supposedly got its name from a stray black dog that kept walking in and out of the studio while the song was being recorded.
Dude #1: Is that "Black Dog?"
Dude #2: Yeah, man! Led Zepp rules!
Dude #1: Sweet! Crank it up!
by T-Ro May 13, 2006
annoying, treble-heavy music for queers and Europeans, mostly played at dance clubs in big cities
Techno is horrible music, almost as bad as rap!
by T-Ro May 08, 2006

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